The Vind Republic

The Vind Republic is the largest of Dyskydia’s regions. Vind has the largest judicial system in Dyskydia and prides itself on its rule of law. There is a saying in Vind “If it you can’t do something right, send it to court.”


Vind has a tropical climate in its southern areas while northern Vind is more temperate. Most of the natural terrain has been removed to make way for cities and villages of which their are too many to count. What is left is either dense jungle or forest.


The Vind Republic took the longest come into formation after the Brothers War. Syd Ankh moved into the area with his survivors from the war and built a small city, now the capital of Wodencrest. He experimented with several different types of government before he finally settled on a democracy. While building up his idea for a democratic state he died from an epidemic in the jungle. A young woman named Lane Florentyne took up the reigns of his idea and founded more cities. The Vind Republic expanded slowly by building new cities and waiting for them to become fully populated until moving on to the next. It is now a bustling center of activity.


Early on Syd Ankh had decided that people needed to be held responsible for their actions by an unbiased hand. He created a judicial system that had never been seen before. If someone is accused as a criminal they are sent to trial. A trial is presided over by a pontiff who is a person who is elected prior to the trial’s start. There is also a group of seven individuals who will act as judges of the accused innocence. During the trial the accused may make his case after which anyone with evidence against him may come and speak their part. After this the judges will grab either a white stone or a black stone in secret and put it into the Judgment Bag. The pontiff then counts the stones and if the white stones out number the black stones, the accused is innocent, if not the accused is guilty. The same method is in fact the way that new laws are made as well with the exception of there being 21 judges instead of 7.

The Vind Republic

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