The Coalition of Klynth

The Coalition of Klynth is one of the city-states of Dyskydia. It lies just north of The Great Sand Sea.


Klynth is situated just above the The Great Sand Sea and as such it is a dry arid climate. It has small mountain ranges and a few small rivers and lakes but it is still a very dry place. Most of the settlements are along the Fire River including the Coalition’s Capital city of Pharda.


After the Brothers War many of the traders of Dyskydia decided that it would be better to form their own nation instead of being restricted by the taxes and prohibitions imposed by the previous governments. At the time the most popular trade route was through the Fire River. They set up their capital along its shores and expanded from there. By the time the other city-states had formed Klynth was already a booming center of trade and no city-state would dare encroach upon their territory for fear of being banned from its market places or being taxed heavily.


Klynth is officially governed by a selection of members from the most powerful trader families in Klynth known as The Cartel. There are very few laws too enforce in Klynth and most vary based on independent settlements. The members of The Cartel mostly dictates taxes on other city-states as well as emergency measures of protection should they come under attack.


As the center for trade in Dyskydia, Klynth has some of the best commercial technology available. They are the only city-state with access to Sand Buggies which allow them to cross The Great Sand Sea. They also excel in firearm technology, having some of the best metallurgists in Dyskydia.

The Coalition of Klynth

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