The Avgard Empire

The Avgard Empire has the largest military in all of Dyskydia. It is also the most populous nation on the continent. In fact there are actually incentives for families to have more children.


Avgard is almost entirely made up of cultivated farm land. The only places that haven’t been turned into farmland are the cities and forts that dot the land. The entire coast of Avgard is made up of fishing towns. Other then its fertile soil Avgard has very little in terms of natural resources so it relies mainly on trading with The Coalition of Klynth to get the iron and steel that it needs to maintain its standing army.


The Avgard Empire, as its name suggests, is ruled by a military emperor or empress. The emperor is seen as the figure of head of both justice and militaristic strength. When the emperor steps down or dies the empire is handed over to the previous emperor’s choice of best strategic mind in his or her army. It is almost never handed to the emperor’s offspring however, as this is considered to be taboo. It has occurred only once in the entirety of the history of the empire.


The Avgard Military is the largest and most organized in all of Dyskydia. It is divided into 3 divisions. At the head of the military is the Emperor. After the Emperor comes the three divisions: Solum, the ground forces, Sursum, the naval forces, and Furtum, the special tasks division.

The Avgard Empire

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