Sundol is a land that is ruled by religion. Its rabid faith and blind obedience to its diety make it a stubborn and headstrong city-state.


Sundol is made up of a combination of forests, marshes, and hilly pasture areas. Most inhabitants live in heavily populated cities near the many rivers that run through Sundol. Sundol is home to the largest city in Dyskydia, Sundol-El. Sundol is located west of the The Great Sand Sea and just below The Ice Lakes. To its south is The Vind Republic.


After the Brothers War, Shad Ankh led his survivors to the rich lands south of the The Ice Lakes and founded Sundol-El. He promised his people prosperity as long as they followed the will of their god Sundol who he said had led him to this region. They built their city and the surrounding area following Shad’s guidance and had indeed prospered quite well. He then established a tome which contained the teachings of Sundol the Sun God before disappearing into the The Great Sand Sea on what he announced as his returning to the sun.


The seat of governance in Sundol is allocated to the church’s highest position of Prolate. The Prolate is also the spiritual head of the city-state. Any new laws are created by the Prolate and do not have to be approved by anyone as it is seen the Prolate is the voice of Sundol himself. In order to become Prolate one must be a Chaplain and go on a spiritual journey to the ruins of Shad-El located in the center of The Great Sand Sea. Once there they must wait in the scorpion pit to be stung. The scorpion is said to be the minion of Knakril, the evil one, who drives men away from Sundol. If the Chaplain survives the scorpions venom he must then trek back to Sundol-El and is then given the title of Prolate.


The Sundol religion is based on the idea of keeping in the ways of old. Sundol teaches that the only way to be spiritually happy is to be work hard and praise the sun god for what he has given. It is a sin to live an extravagant lifestyle if one is not chosen by the god himself to live this way. As such most of the population of Sundol are farmers or in the conclave. Most who are not are in Sundol’s Legion, a military force that is sent to smite sinners and non-believers. Sacrifices are a daily part of life in regions that practice the Sundol religion as it is necessary to appease the sun god to bring bountiful crops and good fortune to his people.


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