Dendros is a region filled with strife. There is no discernible political or religious structure that unifies the area. In fact the the entire region is made up of different clans and cults that fight for the region’s plentiful resources. The only thing stopping more organized military forces from invading and taking over Dendros is the protection offered by The Coalition of Klynth.


Dendros is made up of plains and high plateaus surrounded by mountain ranges. It is high in natural resources such as iron and salt peter as well as gold, copper, and other metals. Most inhabitants of Dendros are miners or barbarians. Its rich deposits of minerals make it coveted by other city-states but the Coalition has barred other nations from taking advantage of it. The Coalition acts as a go between for the other nations of Dyskydia and the clans of Dendros, for a price. This symbiosis between the Coalition and Dendros keeps the other city-states in check.


After the Brothers War the region that is now Dendros became a veritable war zone with each nation fighting each other for the resources it held. It wasn’t until Klynth stepped in with their superior firepower that Dendros began to settle into what it has become today. Klynth did not want to take control of Dendros as they were more or less only interested in keeping the peace so that they could continue to profit as a commerce center so they struck a deal with the many clans that were in control at the time. In return for military protection from the larger nations, Dendros would only supply Klynth with resources that they would then sell to the other nations. A few years after this pact Klynth made the Religious Concord Act, which for a price groups could travel to Dendros and practice whatever religion they liked as long as it did not interfere with their business interests.


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